Aircraft tubing identification

In defiance of aggressive liquids

Brady’s Fluid Line Tape, the most widely-used fluid line tape in the aerospace industry, is designed specifically for aircraft tubing identification. This speciality tape, developed in Brady laboratories, defies aggressive hydraulic liquids such as Skydrol™.

Brady's Fluid Line Tape is designed especially for aircraft tubing identification. The subsurface printed, flexible, transparent polyester film tape has a heat activated adhesive. This adhesive offers excellent resistance to fuels, oils, and hydraulic fluids. When the tape is first applied, it can easily be repositioned due to the low initial adhesion.


  • Colours target MIL-STD-1247C 
  • Materials performance meets MIL-T-9906C 
  • Brady's Fluid Line Tape can be used with both thermal transfer and dot matrix printers.