ToughWash Series

ToughWash™ Series Washdown Resistant Labels are the premier print-on-demand label and sign materials for the Food and Beverage Processing Industry.

Two material formulations, ToughWash Harsh Washdown Resistant Material and ToughWash Harsh Washdown Resistant Metal Detectable Material have been launched to assist you in creating visual communications in your workplace that will hold up to the rigorous washdown process.

Both ToughWash materials were developed to:

  • Withstand the aggressive environment of the wash down process in a typical Food and Beverage Processing Facility.
  • Strongly adhere to common surfaces (for example: stainless steel) without risk of the label edge lifting or de-lamination.
  • Maintain an aggressive print durability when used with Brady’s proprietary THT ribbons.
  • ToughWash Metal Detectable Material was designed to be recognised through common metal detection systems that are used in Food and Beverage facilities.

Pre-printed & on-site printable

The ToughWash™ Series Washdown Resistant Labels are offered in rigid and flexible materials. They can be printed on-site with a specialised Brady printer for maximum flexibility and speed. As an extra service, Brady also offers to print your signage in Toughwash materials, in any colour, dimension and shape, and to deliver them ready for implementation. Simply send us your specifications, and place the signage where it matters.

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