Portable Label Printers

Brady offers a complete line of portable printing systems that help you get the job done fast and efficiently. Perfect for lower volume printing applications.

The BMP21-PLUS Hand-held Label Printer is the perfect solution for many industrial labeling needs, for continuous materials with a width up to 19 mm.

The BMP21-LAB Hand-held Label Printer eliminates errors in sample identification and ensures traceability with clear and durable labelling.

The BMP41 label printer is the rugged, portable solution that gives you the versatility to create your own length or already-sized die-cut and continuous labels anywhere, anytime!

The BMP51 is a compact, versatile portable label printer with built-in Bluetooth technology for wireless printing.

The BMP™61 Label Printer offers great performance that matches your own. It is portable, fast and can handle a lot of identification challenges thanks to its wireless connectivity and a wide range of durable labels to print on. 
With more than 400 different label options, the BMP71 Mobile Label Printer is Brady's most versatile mobile printer.

Portable Printer Accessories
Accessories available for the Brady Portable Label Printers.
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