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Visual tagging solutions including forklifts, lifting equipment, Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP), machinery, electrical equipment, vibration control, fire & emergency.

Lockout Tagout Forkilift tag
Forkliftag® is a complete status tagging system to help control pre-shift inspections, maintenance and identification of forklift trucks. Our inserts contain an easy-to-follow pre-use operator checklist on the front and the facility to record inspections on the reverse.
Lockout Tagout vt
Lifting Equipment
Brady recommend; Microtag®, Nanotag™ or Unitag® visual tags for lifting equipment. Each system is designed to clearly display the Safe Working Load (SWL), next test date, maintenance and identification data at the point of use and to increase effectiveness of communication in the workplace. A selection of coloured inserts are available providing the option of additional visual qualification.
Lockout Tagout MEWP Tag
Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP)
Brady's MEWP Tag is designed to help control frequent inspections, maintenance and identification of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms.
Lockout Tagout Multitag
The Multitag® solution is particularly popular for managing production line machinery where control panels have restricted space for attachment. Multitag® helps ensure the latest equipment status is instantly visible at the point of use.
Lockout Tagout MicroTag
Electrical Equipment
Nanotag™ and Microtag® are the most popular status tagging systems for small Electrical Equipment and identification, allowing maximum visibility on equipment with minimal attachment space. They replace existing self adhesive label options which are prone to damage and failure in tough industrial environments. A choice of different colour inserts provides the option of additional visual qualification.
Lockout Tagout Vibration Tag
Vibration Control
Brady offers the Microtag® to provide the latest vibration exposure data available at the point of use and to help manage exposure to Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS).
Lockout Tagout Nanotag
Fire & Emergency
Brady offers the Nanotag™ visual tag for fire extinguishers to clearly display latest safety, maintenance and identification information at the point of use.
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