Easy to apply, ADR compliant battery packaging labels

Warning coworkers, partners and customers on packaging about the presence of Lithium-ion batteries can avoid undesired accidents and increase compliance. Brady's Lithium-ion ADR-packaging labels can be fully customised for optimal compliance and can be supplied on a practical dispenser for easy application.

ADR compliant battery packaging labels

We can offer Lithium-ion packaging labels to comply with the ADR-regulation that becomes mandatory on December 31, 2018. The labels can be printed in Brady factories and customised in line with specifications to fully comply with ADR.

Easy to apply

Lithium-ion battery packaging labels are available on rolls with 1000 labels each. Made out of low-cost B-7610 white paper, the self-adhesive labels sit individually on their liner making them easy to peel off and apply. For additional practicality, Brady offers a separate, auto-peel dispenser that can be mounted on a wall or placed on a table.

Larger ADR-compliance offer

We also offer:

  • all ADR truck signs on reliable materials that will last several years in the outdoors. These diamond shaped warning signs can be offered with a self-adhesive, magnetic or rigid backing to fit a variety of trucks in order to warn drivers and first responders of the risks and to improve compliance.
  • spill kits which include a number of spill control solutions. These solutions enable coworkers to quickly prevent a spill from spreading on the road or workfloor.
Test a label in your environment

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