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Our non-adhesive cable tags are primarily used to identify thick cables and wire bundles. Available in a wide range of materials, sizes and colours, they can be attached to cables with cable ties.

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B-109 polyethylene tag
B-109 Polyethylene Tag
B-145 rigid polyethylene tag
B-145 Rigid Polyethylene Tag
B-338 polyvinylidene fluoride tag
B-338 aerospace tag
B-388 polyolefin tag
B-388 aerospace tag
B-348 mass transit tag
B-348 Mass Transit Tag
B-412 polypropylene tag
B-412 polypropylene tag
B-508 Nomex tag
B-508 Nomex Tag
B-7316 stainless steel tag
B-7316 Stainless Steel Tag
B-7598 polyester tag
B-7598 Polyester Tag
B-7599 Rapido wire markers
B-7599 Rapido Wire Markers
B-7643 zero halogen tag
B-7643 Zero Halogen Tag
B-7644 Laminat carriers
B-7644 Laminat Carriers
B-7645 Laminat Manila tags
B-7645 Laminat Manila Tags

Full technical and compliance data at www.bradyeurope/tds.

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