BBP12 Label Printer

BBP12 is a great value for money entry level benchtop label printer for cable, component, product and laboratory identification. The printer is very compact, works with a broad label material offer and features a full colour display. With easy calibration and an intuitive interface, default Ethernet connectivity and the option to attach a universal keyboard, BBP12 does not require excessive training to use.

The BBP12 Label Printer comes with a free external unwinder to print larger label rolls!

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Did you know the BBP12 Label Printer is equipped with a real time clock that continuously keeps track of time, even when the printer is powered down? The clock runs on an integrated lithium-ion battery, enabling you to quickly print durable maintenance, production and expiration date labels, or any label that requires a time stamp, in printer standalone mode.

  • Easily program your application: BBP12 can detect and use a multitude of programming languages, including TSC, Honeywell and Zebra's TSPL, TSPL2, EPL2, ZPL and DPL
  • Easily order your application: there is no need to study these programming languages if they sound unfamiliar, simply contact Brady Technical Support to program your label solution for you

Features & Benefits

There are a dozen good reasons to choose the compact benchtop entry level BBP™12 Label Printer:

  1. Compact in size, fits on every desk;
  2. Default Ethernet Connectivity, allowing you to work in a network;
  3. Connect any universal keyboard via USB 2.0 to work in stand-alone mode;
  4. Full colour LCD Display and intuitive software interface are simple to use, so no extensive training is required;
  5. Simple calibration menu with easy 1-2-3 step printing;
  6. Prints a wide range of identification labels from 10 mm up to 112 mm wide;
  7. Standard 300 dpi print quality allowing accurate image & barcode positioning on small labels;
  8. With its powerful 32 bit processor and its extended memory it can print up to 100 mm / sec;
  9. The printer supports the industry-standard Zebra® and Eltron® programming languages;
  10. Print time and date on to your labels via the “Real time clock feature";
  11. Best price/quality in the market for low volume printing;
  12. Comes with a free unwinder accessory to print larger label rolls.
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